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Therapeutic Mentoring: Provides one to one support to youth’s. While learning to build a healthy relationship, youths engage in a combination of structured and enrichment activities consistent with their individual treatment plan goals.  Service can range from 4-8 hours per week.  Staff are trained and supervised to ensure individualized strength-based teaching, service management & closure support. Phoenix provides monthly attunement sessions to mentees to support goal achievement, building and transitioning relationship with mentor. 

Community Based Life Skills (L.I.S.T): Provides one to one support to youths & young adults. This service focuses on the development and enhancement of essential life skills to promote preparation to adulthood and self-sufficiency. Additionally, this service supports and maintains the individual’s connection with the community. Essential life skills goal areas include but are not limited to: personal appearance & hygiene, money management, housekeeping, transportation, emergency & safety skills, job seeking, job maintenance and more. 

Supervised Visits: Phoenix offers a safe and welcoming space to provide visits between children or youth in out-of-home care to their biological parents, relatives or significant others. Supervised visits can be observational or supportive. Observational visits observe interactions between family members. Supportive visits observe as well as offer education and feedback. 

Support Service: A one-to-one staff will be available to provide temporary support the youth who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. Support is offered in school, home and structured community programming.

Clinical After School & Summer Programming: "The Nest" is a safe space where adolescents receive supervision during after-school hours and vacation periods.  Youth can engage in recreational and educational activities.  Clinical groups are offered teaching coping skills, conflict resolution, anger management, and more.  Youth have access to a clinician who are able to support them in crisis prevention and management.

Suspension Support: Provides clinical counseling sessions combined with behavioral support to student during suspension periods. Students are able to engage in service each day throughout their suspension. Counseling sessions focus on processing the event(s) that led to the suspension, identifying triggers, underlying issues, coping skills, implementing alternate positive behaviors, addressing possible stigma's in returning to school and avoiding future suspensions. Additionally, students engage in psychoeducational &/or clinical groups focused on emotion regulation & mindfulness skills. 

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