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    Can you benefit from mental heath therapy?


As we all explore the journey called life, we are faced with various experiences. Some experiences leave short term impact, while other experiences impact our thoughts feelings and behaviors long term. Without addressing our struggles, we create barriers in presenting the most genuine & best version of our self. Take the first step in breaking free from your challenging experiences and begin living your best life. Therapy will support you in identifying your problems, learning and practicing coping skills as well as problem solving and changing undesired behavior patterns.

Challenging experiences include: childhood neglect, abuse and/or abandonment * Loss of a friend or loved one * financial struggles * personal relationship problems * loss of employment * lack of friendships * low self esteem * depression * struggles with negative thoughts * self harming * parent/child struggles* Communication problems * Identity struggles * family issues *  lack of self-care  * fire * care accident * robbery * immigration issues *  

                           How will therapy help me?


Because no two people are alike, at Phoenix, your treatment plan is tailored to your unique self.  Our therapists use a variety of treatment approaches such as Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, R-Tep/G-Tep, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Treatment, Horticultural Therapy and Dialectic behavioral Treatment. We meet the client where they are and create a plan they are comfortable with.  Clients will learn and implement skills to reduce their undesired behaviors. Once clients satisfy their goals, we challenge them to explore new goals or appropriately end service. 

What will therapy feel like?

Opening up to your therapist, sharing your experiences and taking your first steps to change may not be easy at first. You may struggle to speak, we will teach you how to communicate. You may become overwhelmed with emotions, we will teach you how to cope. You may struggle in reaching your goals, we will be there to motivate you. With ongoing strength based support from your therapist, effort and trust in the process, you will begin to find and maintain your path to a better you. We are here for you and prepared to support you in the best way possible. 

What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapy can increase healthy communication, reduce high risk behaviors, increase positive coping skills, increase in social/emotional skills, increase self regulation skills, increase problem solving skills, increase prevention skills and reduce in high risk behaviors.

Therapy will offer you the opportunity to live a balanced life with greater understanding of yourself and how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


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